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    @singleton EJB Concurrency Problem When use @Lock(LockType.WRITE)

    Gulam Samdani Expert

      In Singleton ejb 3.2  specification is :


      If a method is of locking type WRITE, client access to all the singleton's methods is blocked until


      1. the current client finishes its method call

      2. Or an access timeout occurs.

      so, locking type WRITE method call at a time from one caller .

      But my  app  -- @Lock(LockType.WRITE) method call from multiple client /thread at a  time .

      problem occur :

      when use @ConcurrencyManagement(ConcurrencyManagementType.CONTAINER)

      my environment is :

      wildfly 8.0 final , ejb3.2 , jpa2.1 ,hiberante




      @AccessTimeout(value = 120000)


      public class MySingleton {



          EntityManager em;




          public  void doServiceTest(AppUser appuser) {

              System.out.println("start----------------masum final test-----------------W");


              Query query = em

                      .createNativeQuery("SELECT SSNO FROM app_users  WHERE  APP_USERS_PK =(SELECT MAX(APP_USERS_PK) FROM app_users)");

              String ob = (String) query.getSingleResult();

              String ivd = ob.substring(8);

              int id = Integer.valueOf(ivd);

              String testDateString = null;

              try {

                  Date todaysDate = new Date();

                  DateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat("MMddyyyy");


                  testDateString = df.format(todaysDate);


                  testDateString = testDateString + id;

                  System.out.println("String in dd/MM/yyyy format is: "

                          + testDateString);



              } catch (Exception ex) {



              System.out.println("End----------------masum final test-----------------W");





      Error :



      Error :


      (default task-3) Duplicate entry '06072014107' for key 'ssno'

      (default task-3) HHH000010: On release of batch it still contained JDBC statements

      ARJUNA012125: TwoPhaseCoordinator.beforeCompletion - failed for SynchronizationImple<