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    Adding Tasks in Parallel or Series to a ProcessInstance on the fly

    Anindya Saha Newbie

      We are evaluating if jBPM cab be used for adaptive Case Management or not? We have gone through http://docs.jboss.org/jbpm/v6.0.1/userguide/jBPMFlexibleProcesses.html however we could not find a real implementation in the source codes. If there is such implementation can anyone please point us to that.


      Another requirement is that a business user while working on a Task feels that he might need some more input or help from someone else, so he wants to create a task parallel to his task or in series to his task. He would provide the nodeid/taskid of his current task and when he calls addParallelTask or addSeriesTask a new HumanTask node would be inserted into the process instance on the fly. Also the user wants to see the modified process diagram from the modified process instance.


      How to best implement this requirement.