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    RESTful web service error: Unexpected multi-valued result

    Ashish Sarin Newbie



      I created a VDB that accessed the RESTful web services located here: http://www.thomas-bayer.com/sqlrest/CUSTOMER/


      The steps I followed to create the source and view models are:

      1. Selected the option Import -> File Source(XML) >> Source and View Model

      2. Selected XML file via remote URL in the XML Import File Options dialog box

      3. In the XML Data File Source Selection dialog box, I created a new Data File Source by selecting the REST Web Services URL option and entered the http://www.thomas-bayer.com/sqlrest/CUSTOMER/ URL

      4. In XML Data File Import Options dialog box, XML File Content section shows CustomerList -> Customer -> href. I selected the Customer as the column name.

      5. In the View Model Definition dialog box, i kept the name of the view table as new_table.

      When I executed the query, select * from new_table, I got the following error:

      org.teiid.runtime.client.TeiidClientException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Remote org.teiid.core.TeiidProcessingException: TEIID30171 Unexpected multi-valued result was returned for XMLTable column "CUSTOMER".  Path expressions for non-XML type columns should return at most a single result.


      What is the reason for getting such an error. I was expecting that the select * from new_table would have returned text contained inside all the <Customer> elements.