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    Problem in registering platform from agent

    Maciej Swiderski Master



      I have a clean installation of JON 3.2 for evaluation on RHEL 6. It started ok, seems all components are up and running but when agent discovers the platform on which JON is running server fails to register it with:


      Reported resource [Resource[id=0, uuid=9fc64666-a280-4edd-ab93-1145301d90b5, type={Platforms}Linux, key=server, name=server, parent=<null>, version=Linux 2.6.32-279.11.1.el6.x86_64]] has an unknown type [ResourceType[id=0, name=Linux, plugin=Platforms, category=Platform]]. The Agent most likely has a plugin named 'Platforms' installed that is not installed on the Server. Resource will be ignored...


      Any thoughts on what might be the issue?


      Both agent and server are on the same machine.


      Thanks in advance