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    Is it possible to deploy a resource adapter inside an EAR on Wildfly?

    giofyxle Newbie


      We migrate from JBoss 1.6 to Wildfly.

      We successfully deployed our EAR and the resource adapter separately to the Wildfly Appserver. But when we try to access the resource adapter from the EAR we experience a Class-Cast-Exception like:

      HttpEisFactory cannot be casted into HttpEisFactory.

      I guess this is because resource adapter and Ear are two separated independent modules inside Wildfly and therefore use separated Class-Loaders.

      Therefore we would like to deploy the resource adapter inside the EAR (being one of the modules inside the EAR) (as it is done in WebSphere for example).


      Is it possible to do so?

      If yes, does anyone have a link or some hint, how to build such an EAR?