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    Wildfly 8.1 get becomes unavailable on high load

    Danny Ruchman Newbie



      We have an app running on wildfly 8.1.

      Everything looks good until traffic start pushing it and the wildfly becomes unavailable or extremely slow.


      We did a lot of tests -  when working with JMeter on load tests we can handle 1000 calls per second but with real traffic (coming from a load balancer vs directly to the server on load test) we can handle between 200-450 calls per second.


      We see a lot of "Connection closed by peer" exceptions thrown by the undertow web server which means the client killed the connection on his side probably because of very slow response time from our end


      We are working with undertow default configurations. We tried playing with it but everything we did showed a lot of weird exceptions.


      Profiling the JVM with your kit app showed that some thread(not all) have potential dead locks but in places that can't really have dead locks like primitive objects arrays creation.


      attached is out standalone xml file and we can supply any additional information needed


      We will appreciate any help.


      Does anyone have any resolution of such issue?