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    Can anybody explain this locking problem ?

    Roger Tan Newbie

      I have the following scenario:

      I check inventory ( where I also lock a row using the SELECT FOR UPDATE statement by looking up the data source, etc ), and then I run a pipeline processing where one of the steps also do the same thing above, please don't ask me why I have to do this, it's some business requirement. anyway, the second SELECT appears to block ( nothing happens in the log file after reaching the statement ). Does this mean that each call to DataSource.getConnection return a new Connection rather the connection that is implicit in the current transaction ( for example through ThreadLocal ) ? Isn't this like transactionally wrong ?

      During the pipeline processing I am also accessing other CMPs, etc.

      I am using JBoss 3.2.3 Java 1.4.2, on Windows 2000.

      Please help somebody with JBoss Internals knowledge.