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    valueChangeListener(JSF) not working in Wildfly.

    Amit Aggarwal Newbie

      My java based application is using Myfaces 1.1.5 and Tomahawk 1.1.5.

      It is used by lots of clients world wide. Now I need to run my application on Wildfly.


      My application is working fine on JBOSS 6.2 but when I am trying to run my application on wildfly the

      'valueChangeListener' tag is not working while doing file upload. My tag looks like this.

      Basically my setFile function is not called when I am trying to upload a file.



      Please help. Let me know if i need to provide more details.


      <t:inputFileUpload id="importVendor" value="#{importVendorForm.file}"

                    size="25" storage="file" styleClass="large" visibleOnUserRole="Super" immediate="true" valueChangeListener="#{importVendorForm.setFile}"/>