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    Does redhat fuse provide inbuilt brms features

    rahul vashishth Novice

      I need to deploy drools project in fuse container. I couldn't find inbuilt feature for brms provided with fuse if there is any. So to deploy the drools artifact i have to

      create the features and add the feature url or add all the dependencies via profile bundles, and this is a big overhead as there are dependencies. Does fuse provide out of the box inbuilt feature required for rule artifacts deployment.

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          Freeman(Yue) Fang Master



          JBoss FUSE 6.1 ships a drools-karaf-features 6.0 features.xml. you can use it by

          features:addurl mvn:org.drools/drools-karaf-features/6.0.0.Final/xml/features

          and then see all drools related features available

          [installed  ] [6.0.0.Final        ] drools-common                       camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final Drools Commons
          [uninstalled] [6.0.0.Final        ] drools-module                       camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final Drools core
          [uninstalled] [6.0.0.Final        ] drools-templates                    camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final Drools Templates
          [uninstalled] [6.0.0.Final        ] drools5-spring                      camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final Drools5 Spring
          [uninstalled] [6.0.0.Final        ] drools5-camel                       camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final Drools5 Camel
          [uninstalled] [6.0.0.Final        ] drools-decisiontable                camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final Drools Decision Tables
          [uninstalled] [6.0.0.Final        ] drools-jpa                          camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final Drools JPA
          [uninstalled] [6.0.0.Final        ] kie                                 camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final
          [uninstalled] [6.0.0.Final        ] kie-spring                          camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final
          [uninstalled] [6.0.0.Final        ] kie-aries-blueprint                 camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final
          [uninstalled] [6.0.0.Final        ] kie-camel                           camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final
          [uninstalled] [6.0.0.Final        ] jbpm                                camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final jBPM engine
          [uninstalled] [6.0.0.Final        ] jbpm-human-task                     camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final jBPM engine
          [uninstalled] [6.0.0.Final        ] drools5-camel-example               camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final Drools5 Spring Camel Example
          [uninstalled] [6.0.0.Final        ] drools-camel-example                camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final Drools Kie Spring Camel Example
          [uninstalled] [6.0.0.Final        ] drools-blueprint-camel-example      camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final Drools Kie Blueprint Camel Example
          [uninstalled] [6.0.0.Final        ] jbpm-example                        camel-drools-example-6.0.0.Final jBPM Spring Example




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            rahul vashishth Novice

            Thanks, Now i am successfully able to add rule binaries as features. But,

            1> Some of the feature jar specified in feature.xml are not available on jboss repositories







                 There is no final version jar available on jboss repositories: http://repository.jboss.org/nexus/content/groups/public-jboss/


            2> it lead me to use unwanted features also, i need to use kie-spring for rules only but kie-spring feature internally has jbpm specific features also, now for this i have to add jbpm features that are not required for my application. Is there a way that i can exclude unwanted features. As i don't need jbpm features but i need kie-spring feature.