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    Richfaces oncomplete issue


      Hi All,


      I have a <a4j:commandButton> that calls a database procedure to process some staging data. The procedure is taking few minutes to complete (~4 mins).

      On button click in m showing a Modal Panel (Processing...) and on complete I am hiding the panel and reRendering a  <rich:dataTable>.

      I am using RichFaces 3.3.3CR1.


      The problem is that the loading panel is being closed after ~2 mins while the process is still running in the back end.

      I am facing this issue with Weblogic app server while it is not reproduced with Tomcat.


      oncomplete executes the JS function although the request is not completed and the process is still running on server side.


      Please check the below example:

      <a4j:commandButton value="Validate" action="#{beanBB.validateRecords}" reRender="table"

                onclick="#{rich:component('loadingPanel')}.show()"  oncomplete="#{rich:component('loadingPanel')}.hide()">


      Your help is appreciated.



      Ram Ram