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    Use Qpid AMQP-JMS client against HornetQ server to send/receive message on a topic based destinations over AMQP 1.0

    Prashant Khanal Newbie



      I am doing some investigations on using the Qpid AMQP-JMS client to connect to HornetQ server v2.4.0 final as an AMQP Client. I configured the HornetQ server to support AMQP 1.0 client using following doc. I defined a queue in the core configuration file as -


          <queue name="exampleTopic">


      I was able to send and receive message on a queue based destination using the Qpid AMQP-JMS Client. The sample(HelloExample.java) is attached to the post.


      Is there any way to send/receive messages on a topic based destinations? I wanted to define multiple consumes on a topic using Qpid AMQP-JMS client so that when a message is sent to the topic, all the consumers subscribed to the topic can receive the message. At this point, I am only able to achieve point-to-point messaging by explicitly adding a queue to the hornetq configuration file.