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    Test and Target not sharing same CDI context?

    Raphael Parree Newbie



      I have just ported an application from JBoss 7.x to WildFly 8.1. The transition has been very smooth until i updated the beans.xml files used during the arquillian tests to version 1.1 and using annotated bean-discovery-mode. Some (not all) tests fail now. The tests that fail rely on a text fixture which is set using a shared singleton value of an alternative repository implementation. It seems the singleton instance is not shared between the test and the target code when using "annotated" for bean-discovery-mode. These tests do pass when bean-discovery-mode is set to "all".


      How can i share an singleton instance between test and target using bean-discovery-mode "annotated".



      - arquillian-bom -> 1.1.4.Final

      - wildfly-arquillian-container-remote -> 8.1.0.Final

      - WildFly 8.1.0 Final (standalone instance)