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    Message Delivery In a JBoss 5.1 Clustered Environment

    Michael Rother Newbie

      I have a 2 server test cluster with the queue and queue connection factory configured for cluster. I place 10 messages on the cluster on server 1 (configured for 5 listeners).


      Server 1 picks up the 5 messages and starts processing. When I look in jmx-console it show message count =5 and delivering count = 5. Server 2 did not pick up any of the messages and the jmx-console for server 2 shows 0 messages and delivering count = 0.


      With different parameters (1 or 2 listeners) I see messages picked up and processed by both server 1 and server 2 so I am assuming that some level of clustering is happening.


      So, I assume the issue may somehow be the delivering count. What is it and how does the system use it ? I expected server 2 would have access to those messages and process accordingly.