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    Url decoding post requests ajp connector

    Martin Stolk Newbie



      We are migrating our applications from tomcat to wildfly. We are using mod_jk (1.2.40) to connect apache to the wildfly ajp port.


      When using tomcat there are no problems, but with wilfdly there is a strange behavior in our application.

      Our application is written in java (wicket) and when entering a search form every field fills with a semi-colon after entering the find button. When I set the JkLogLevel to trace or debug the problems remains but less frequently and not in every form.

      I also tried different ForwardURI** JkOptions, but that make no difference.


      So te determing de cause I also tested with mod_proxy. The problem remains so I think the AJP connector of Wildfly is the problem.


      Can anyone help me where to find a solution?