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    Inline script elements in template files

    Aaron Anderson Newbie

      I have some pages that utilize page specific inline scripts to initialize JavaScript variables for some JQuery UI functions. I have noticed that if I include these inline scripts in my templates they are not evaluated. I came across this similar question https://community.jboss.org/thread/236684 but I still do not understand why the script elements are not automatically processed by the browser if there are inserted into the DOM. Can anyone provider further insight into this?


      I can move the inline scripts into JSNI or use the aforementioned thread's method to manually invoke the scripts but I was hoping there was an automated alternative.

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          Aaron Anderson Newbie

          After further research and experimentation I came across the GWT SrciptInjector that suites my needs. I can create a .js file in the classpath with any arbitrary JavaScript, create a ClientBundle


          public interface JsResources extends ClientBundle {
              final JsResources INSTANCE = GWT.create(JsResources.class);
              TextResource someJS();


          and then invoke the JavaScript in the GWT onload method inducing JavaScript execution which is almost identical to an inline script:


          public class SomeTemplate extends Composite {
              protected void onLoad() {