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    JBPM6 w/Spring MVC : How to define process variable in a Collaboration diagram ( BPMN2 using Eclipse)

    Arbab Kamal Newbie

      Hi ,


      I am using the demo install kit from JBOSS site. ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/jbpm/files/jBPM%206/jbpm-6.0.1.Final/ ) and have updated the BPMN2 to 1.0.2.


      When i create a BPMN process with first option of simple process i am able to define process variables and use it in task's Input / Output parameter. But when i use second option i.e collaboration diagram to create business process showing interactions among participants , i do not see a way to define process variables which can be used across task's input/Output parameters.




      Anyone here using collaboration diagram for their business process ? I tried searching over but did not get what i am looking for, If there is already a thread , please redirect me there.


      Attaching the property sheet of Collaboration diagram. It does not show up Data Items as a tab where process variables can be added.


      Many thanks in Advance