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    Assign Java SE7 Execution environment in JBoss 7.1 server runtime

    Palmer Eldritch Newbie

      When I define a new runtime I get:



      as you see I can select the "Default JRE for javaSE-1.6" but then it offfers the installed JREs - why does it not offer similar options for Java SE7 (given I have assigned the jdk 1.7.0_25 to the Java SE-1.7 execution environment) ?


      EDIT:   JBossAS Tools    3.0.0.Beta1-v20140408-1231-B31    org.jboss.ide.eclipse.as.feature.feature.group    JBoss by Red Hat


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      Version: Luna M7 Release (4.4.0M7)

      Build id: 20140508-1440