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    Notifying nodes in a distributed cluster

    Sree Ram Mohanan Newbie

      I  am trying to implement a system and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas to help me:


      I have a distributed system and when each node does a put, it is stored locally and another node can "move" the object by doing a get, remove and then put. Along with this each node will have a hashmap that stores all the keys along with the object ids in the cluster, so if a node needs to get an object it can use the id and the hashmap to find the key. Now what I am trying to do is if a node does a "move" and gets an object from another node, I want to update this hashmap with the new key for the id of the object. I can use listeners but as far as I know, I am only able to do it for the node the object is moving from and the node the object is moving to. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas where I can notify all the other nodes of the change in key for the object id.


      If anyone can point me in the right direction or give me some advice, I would very much appreciate it.