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    WildFly HTTP Request - Access Pattern Issue

    Sheldon Dsouza Newbie



      Can someone please help me with tracking @HTTP requests into a log file for WildFly 8.0 ?


      After searching from google, i was able to add a tag for access log under server -> host tag in standalone.xml as shown below


                      <host name="default-host" alias="localhost">

                          <location name="/" handler="welcome-content"/>

                         <access-log pattern="common" directory="${jboss.server.log.dir}" prefix="access"/>

                          <filter-ref name="server-header"/>

                          <filter-ref name="x-powered-by-header"/>



      However, i am facing an issue with defining a custom access pattern.

      I need only the IP Address, Date Time, Request Processing Time, Status Code.


      I do not need the URL as it is increasing the size of the access log file drastically when performing a performance load test.

      The pattern: "%h %t %D %s" is not working as it is not considering "%D" which is for tracking Request Processing Time.


      Can i somehow omit the URL and only consider the 4 fields that i am interested in?