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    RichFaces 4.3.3 not supported in wildfly ?

    Ja kub Novice

      According to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24283099/jsf-richfaces-treenode-expanded-how-to-call-a-method-with-argument

      RF 4.3.x is not supported on WildFly.

      I am astonished, RF is jboss product and is not supported in jboss8 ?

      Is it true ? Where is it written ?

      Is RF 4.3.x supported on jboss7.x ?

      Is RF 3.x.x supported on jboss7 or wildfly 8 ?

      I don't declare RF as provided in pom.xml, it is placed in my war in WEB-INF/lib, afaik RF is a tag library, so either sth is nok with RF or with wildfly. How can an application server not support custom tag libraries ?