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    Pros and cons of migrating from J2EE to JEE 7

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      Hi All,

      Trying to figure out our deployment strategy to Wildfly. 


      We have an application written with mostly J2EE stateless session beans and a couple of BMP (bean managed persistence) beans.  I understand that JEE 7 offers a lot more functionality. If I were using EJB 2 CMP beans, I probably would waste no time in migrating to EJB3!


      However, I'm wondering if there is any performance benefits to migrating stateless sessions beans and a couple of BMP beans to JEE 7.


      Also, is it possible to deploy a bunch of J2EE beans along with a few new beans written in JEE 7?


      I'd be interested in any opinions on the pros and cons of migrating J2EE code to the new standard.


      Thanks in advance!