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    Cannot run Arquillian/Junit tests

    Roberto Paolinelli Newbie

      Dear all,

      I'm newbie in JAVA EE programming and JBoss as well.

      So I was following the ticket-monster tutorial and I'm trying to test the rest services developed in the tutorial (chapter 28, page 148/250 in ticket-monster-2.5.0.Final.pdf: running the tests).

      But when I right click on a service and choose Run As / JUnit Test, the test does not run.

      Runs 0/0!!!


      I'm using Eclipse 4.3 (Kepler) + JBoss Tools 4.1.2.Final

      JBoss server is JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final (Brontes)


      Attached some screenshot and Console log file.


      Is there anyone who can help me?Schermata da 2014-06-19 06:00:41.pngSchermata da 2014-06-19 06:01:04.png


      Best Regards


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          Nico Schlebusch Newbie

          Hi Roberto,


          Do you still need help with this?


          2 Things I saw in the log file.


          • It seems that the import.sql script doesn’t provide a value for a column that is not nullable. Check the schema for the database and the sql script to determine what is wrong with the sql script.
          • enable sql logging for hibernate so that you can get a better idea on what is happening. Edit your persistence.xml and include these two properties:


          <persistence-unit name="xxxxx" transaction-type="JTA">
                <property name="hibernate.show_sql" value="false" />
                <property name="hibernate.format_sql" value="true" />