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    Rewrite using undertow's configuration

    Tom Blank Newbie

      I need some url rewrite logic, which was supported by jboss in earlier version. Now, unfortunately it's not working anymore.


      I used to have a file called 'rewrite.properties', which had all my rules in it. Reading now through some post online, I figured out that now it's possible to do it, by using "undertow-handlers.conf.


      I put my .conf file into /src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/undertow-handlers.conf. I can see that a simple rule does apply, but doing the following one, does not apply:


      regex['^/Shoes/$'] -> rewrite['/showShoes.action?gender=men%{q}'];


      The problem here, is the parameter 'gender'. The only resource which could give me a little bit help was this one: [undertow-dev] Rewrites and predicates


      I would really appreciate any help or hint.