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    just rock Newbie

      Is There Any Way To Develop An Application Using WSDL and Camel SQL in SwitchYard..??? I will give input through the webservice And  I want CAMEL SQL to insert the values in to the  database and Return The Response to the Webservice...????



      Thank You....

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          Magesh Bojan Master

          Yes. Have a look at camel-sql-binding QS. All you need to do is add a service binding of type SOAP in that example.

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            just rock Newbie

            Thanks For The Reply Magesh ... I Am Using Switchyard 1.1.0 Final Version.I Successfully Run CAMEL SQL And Wsdl Samples in The Switchyard QuickStart Tutorial....But I Am Little Bit Confused in Combining Both ...We need some more clarification on this.

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              just rock Newbie

              In  Orders Application QS Sample I Change Switchyard.xml File


              <reference multiplicity="0..1" name="StoreService" promote="OrderService/StoreService">

                      <interface.java interface="org.switchyard.quickstarts.demos.orders.SingleGreetService"/>

                      <sql:binding.sql xmlns:sql="urn:switchyard-component-camel-sql:config:1.0">

                      <sql:query>INSERT INTO orders (orderId,itemId,quantity) VALUES ('a','a',1)</sql:query>




              and also I add that corresponding class.application successfully compiled but when i run that application value not inserted.is there any way to check whether that reference is called or not ??? and i want to print my sql query?


              Thank You