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    rich:toggleControl and ActionEvent?

    knob-creek Newbie

      I would like to receive an ActionEvent (in fact, any event would do) as soon as i click on a commandLink with a rich:toggleControl as child element:


      <h:commandLink id="kennzahlenLink" value="Kennz." actionListener="#{bezirk.kennzahlenAnzeigen}">

         <rich:toggleControl targetPanel="tabPanelBezirke" targetItem="bezirkskennzahlen"/>



      Switching the tab works, after i found out that the target item refers to the name attribute.  (This should be mentioned more clearly e. g. in the showcase!)  However, the actionListener is never called.  If i try to force it by an a4j:ajax child element, the listener is called (now with an AjaxBehaviorEvent), but the tab is not switched any longer.  The tabPanel has default = ajax switchType, the commandLink is within a column of a rich:dataTable.


      This looks like a bug to me.  I use RichFaces 4.3.7, BTW