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    rich:extendedDataTable throw javax.faces.FacesException: Invalid target for client-side validator behavior

    Mohammad Weshah Novice

      Dear Professional,

      I have an rich:extendedDataTable in a page , when the page render it throw the following exception :


      [org.richfaces.log.Context] (http-- Invalid target for client-side validator behavior: javax.faces.FacesException: Invalid target for client-side validator behavior

        at org.richfaces.component.behavior.ClientValidatorImpl.getScript(ClientValidatorImpl.java:115) [richfaces-components-ui-4.3.7.Final.jar:4.3.7.Final]

        at org.richfaces.renderkit.RenderKitUtils.createBehaviorsChain(RenderKitUtils.java:283) [richfaces-components-ui-4.3.7.Final.jar:4.3.7.Final]

        at org.richfaces.renderkit.RenderKitUtils.getAttributeAndBehaviorsValue(RenderKitUtils.java:410) [richfaces-components-ui-4.3.7.Final.jar:4.3.7.Final]

        at org.richfaces.renderkit.ExtendedDataTableRenderer.doEncodeEnd(ExtendedDataTableRenderer.java:796) [richfaces-components-ui-4.3.7.Final.jar:4.3.7.Final]


      i removed all element in the table still the problem exist


      <rich:extendedDataTable id="testTable"






      the problem solved when i did the following :

      convert the table from extended to datatable , and the problem can be solved if i removed the parent tag (f:validateBean and rich:validator )

      for the extendedtable but in this case the client side validation will not work .


      finally i removed all bean validation annotation on my bean but still the problem exist , so the problem appear when there is (f:validateBean and rich:validator ) with extendedtable .


      note: the code inside richpopup


      any advice .