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    How do we define error in the Kie workbench

    Reddy SMK Newbie


      I am trying to attach an error boundary event to an activity using the kie web workbench, As part core properties definitional it requires 3 Key pieces of information, Error Ref, DataOutput and Data Mapping. How do we define /create the error definition using the KIEWeb/workbench,  If any one has done the error definition ( in our case it will be like <bpmn2:error id="java.lang.RuntimeException" errorCode="java.lang.RuntimeException"/>) using the kie work bench please advice us on doing the error definition using the kie web, and how do we retrieve the error message part of the error and associate it to output? so that we can extract the error message string and assign it to a string variable in the DataOutputAssociation.


      I am i missing any thing ? i am using the 6.0.1



      Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 12.15.23 PM.png