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    Importing ping service with REST API

    josepho Newbie

      I am trying to use the REST API (RHQ 4.9) to import a new ping service but when the service is created the IP address is not set. This makes the service non-functional until I set the IP address through the GUI, but I want to fully automate the configuration.


      To create a ping service I noticed that ping services created through the GUI have the resourceName Ping <IP Address> but creating a ping service through REST with that nomenclature does not configure the connection settings for the service. I looked through the source of the REST endpoint org.rhq.enterprise.server.rest.ResourceHandlerBean and there does not appear to be a checks for any connection settings. I assume that the connection setting for the IP address must have to be done by an update.


      Has anyone else tried to import a ping service and fully configure it through REST?