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    Need of Expiration listener in Infinispan

    Dinoop P Newbie

      I am using Infinispan to store a stateMachine. All requests to my system (IN in telecommunication which handles the mobiles calls) will contain a session Id. Based on the session Id I will fetch the state machine from  cache and does some operation. When final response comes I will write cdr based on the stateMachine data then removes it from cache.


      But in actual scenario due to some network problem I may not always get the final request for a session Id. For all session's the CDR is mandatory (It is used for Billing). If an expiration listener  were present in Infinispan, I can write the CDR at the time of stateMachine expiry.



      How can I achieve this without expiration event? Any alternative solutions?


      I have found a similar question in community Expiration Listener . In that galder.zamarreno had asked the use case. The above query is my use case.


      Thanks in advance.


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