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    Performance issue: JWS-WS with .NET Compact Framework Client


      Hi all,


      I have a very simple WS in an EJB, JBoss AS 7.1:



      public interface ITestService {


             String getVersion();


      I use this WS in a .NET CF 3.5 WCF client, the application runs on WM 6. Everything works fine expect of the performance. The client needs 400-500 ms for "getVersion" call.


      I created a test .NET client and the performance is acceptable - 5-8 ms for "getVersion" call.


      Also I created a .NET WCF WS with "BasicHttpBinding" binding and tried the performance from my .NET CF client, the performance was better - 80-120 ms for "getVersion" call.


      I suppose that the SOAP encoding on WM device is slow and tried to change the WS's binding using:

      @BindingType(value = HTTPBinding.HTTP_BINDING)


      Unfortunattly the responce's format were not changed and the performance also.


      Any ideas how can I improve the performance?

      Why @BindingType doesn't change the response format?


      Thanks in advance!