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    xa-datasource timeout transaction configuration

    Rubén Soleto Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am trying to set a different datasource timeout transaction for a different xa-datasource.


      Now I have two xa-datasources and I want to set diferents transaction timeouts. The property transactionTimeout fo TransactionManager in file transaction-jboss-beans.xml sets same timeout for both so that this no solve my problem.

      I found different properties in Hibernate and Jboss which would solve it but it was not successful. These properties was:


      Inside persistence.xml:

      - javax.persistence.query.timeout

      Inside xa datasource:

      - xa-resource-timeout

      - set-tx-query-timeout and query-timeout

      At present I am using EJB2.0 for transactions and it osn't possible migrate to EJB3.0 which has notation for transaction timeouts. Let me know if it's possible and in this case I would be gratful if someone could give me a guidelines.

      My Jboss version is Jboss-5.1.0.GA and my Oracle JDBC driver version is

      Thank you in advance.