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    RichFaces 4.5.x integration tests - execution


      Hello all,


      running RichFaces 4.5.x integration tests from richfaces-parent pom.xm, works fine. However, the problem is to run just one particular integration test (or all integration tests from components/rich or components/a4j).


      So e.g. issuing:

      cd components/rich

      mvn clean verify -Dintegration=wildfly80 -Dtest=ITResourceOptimization


      would lead into compiling errors. FrameworkDeployment can not be found. Matej & Martin is able to reproduce it as well. Are we doing something wrong, or it is not possible right now, in which case it is a bug ? What is the preferred way of executing tests ?


      Secondly, one needs to be in either components/rich or in components/a4j folder to run a test for a particular component. Would not it more convenient if one is able to do this from components folder only ?