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    DuplicateServiceException: Service jboss.messaging.default.activation

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      I'm running two different instances of JBOSS EAS, both deployed with the same ear.  (See attached).


      Simple explanation.


      Server1 is live.  Server2 is backup.

      My ear has an MDB named ClusterMessageBean.


      When starting jboss server1, no issues.

      When starting jboss server2, I get the following error on line 185 of the server2.log attachement.


      JBAS014775:    New missing/unsatisfied dependencies:

            service jboss.ra.hornetq-ra (missing) dependents: [service jboss.deployment.subunit."cluster-test-ear.ear"."cluster-test.jar".component.ClusterMessageBean.CREATE]


      I down the live server.  Lines 191-210 of server2.log show how the backup server reacts.  The ClusterMessageBean is started successfully ( see line 210) even though it seemed to fail previously.


      At this point, everything seems to be ok. ClusterMessageBean on backup works.


      I then bring up the live server.  Messaging is switched from the backup to the live.  Everything looks good on the live server as the ClusterMessageBean is receiving.  But on the backup, lines 211-245 in server2.log show how the backup node reacts to this.  Everything seems fine until line 257 in server2.log where I get the following:


      15:51:33,032 ERROR [org.hornetq.core.server] (HQ119000: Activation for server HornetQServerImpl::serverUUID=ea80e439-fbd8-11e3-9228-3113d41841f8) HQ224000: Failure in initialisation: org.jboss.msc.service.DuplicateServiceException: Service jboss.messaging.default.activation is already registered

        at org.jboss.msc.service.ServiceRegistrationImpl.setInstance(ServiceRegistrationImpl.java:158)

        at org.jboss.msc.service.ServiceControllerImpl.startInstallation(ServiceControllerImpl.java:236)

        at org.jboss.msc.service.ServiceContainerImpl.install(ServiceContainerImpl.java:742)

        at org.jboss.msc.service.ServiceBuilderImpl.install(ServiceBuilderImpl.java:345)

        at org.jboss.as.messaging.jms.JMSService$3.activated(JMSService.java:135) [jboss-as-messaging-7.4.0.Final-redhat-11.jar:7.4.0.Final-redhat-11]

        at org.hornetq.core.server.impl.HornetQServerImpl.callActivateCallbacks(HornetQServerImpl.java:1385) [hornetq-server-2.3.18.Final-redhat-1.jar:2.3.18.Final-redhat-1]

        at org.hornetq.core.server.impl.HornetQServerImpl.initialisePart2(HornetQServerImpl.java:1617) [hornetq-server-2.3.18.Final-redhat-1.jar:2.3.18.Final-redhat-1]

        at org.hornetq.core.server.impl.HornetQServerImpl.access$1400(HornetQServerImpl.java:178) [hornetq-server-2.3.18.Final-redhat-1.jar:2.3.18.Final-redhat-1]

        at org.hornetq.core.server.impl.HornetQServerImpl$SharedStoreBackupActivation.run(HornetQServerImpl.java:2359) [hornetq-server-2.3.18.Final-redhat-1.jar:2.3.18.Final-redhat-1]

        at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:744) [rt.jar:1.7.0_45]


      If I bring down the live server after this, the backup server does not fail over and messages are not consumed anymore.

      Bringing up the live server shows the following:

      16:34:30,318 WARN  [org.hornetq.core.server] (Thread-1 (HornetQ-server-HornetQServerImpl::serverUUID=ea80e439-fbd8-11e3-9228-3113d41841f8-2064312089)) HQ222137: Unable to announce backup, retrying

      The backup is retaining the lock and stuck in after the DuplicateServiceException.


      So, my questions are:


      Why does the message bean fail to on the backup node when initially started?

      What is the duplicate service?

      And finally, do I have the correct live/backup configuration for this to work?