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    Does RichFaces 4.3.X Support IE10/11 64bit Windows7 SP1 64 bit OS?

    Jitendra Takalkar Newbie

      We have windows7 64 sp1 and IE10 64 bit latest version. I tried to access http://showcase.richfaces.org/ which is not working as expected.


      Actually working on project where migrating Richfaces 3.X.X to RichFaces 4.3.X but found some strange issues.


      Same application working with IE10 32 bit, Chrome and Mozilla.


      Scenario Not working in IE10:

      In case we used render of <a4j:commandButton>  which have tags like <a4j>  after successful ajax call next time AJAX call gets converted to normal 'Click'. This observation traced using Network calls.


      Any one facing such issues?