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    'No service was found.' while CXF endpoint were deployed on fabric8

    Dmitry Soloviev Newbie

      Hi Dear Riders!

      There is some unexpected behaviour from camel cxf-endpoint component if we deploy it to Fuse 6.1 environment.
      We want to deploy the route which consumes from cxfEndpoint as in the example and faced the problem described here.

      Our camelContext you can find here.
      While deploying to fabric8:karaf there are no errors and only 3 insignificant warnings. You can inspect all in the attached log.

      We expect PaxWeb to resolve cxfEndpoint relative address and to make it avaliable as

      http://localhost:{paxweb-port}/cxf/{cxfEndpoint-uri} as described at wiki,

      but after all bundles were started successfully we get "No service was found" message while requesting endpoint.

      Any dirrection to dig in are higly appreciated!

      Thanks in advance!