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    Path to sslTrustStore file in Windows and Linux

    alon nya Newbie

      We faced with a problem with sslTrustStore setting in arquillian.xml file. In Linux we can use relative path, for example:

      <property name="sslTrustStore">src/test/resources/trust.p12</property>


      But when we try to start testing in Windows, arquillian dont see this path. After we wrote absolute path, it is start working:

      <property name="sslTrustStore">C:\Projects\lecm\appservices\common-service\src\test\resources\trust.p12</property>


      We use / slash and \ slash. No changes.
      <property name="sslTrustStore">src\test\resources\trust.p12</property>

      So in ProcMon we saw that it start search from project root path, but not from test package path.


      Some solutions on this?