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    FuseIDE stopped working for me in Eclipse Kepler SR2

    Knut-Håvard Aksnes Newbie

      The route editor used to work (at least partially) in one of the JBoss Studio betas but stopped working at one point. FuseIDE is still installed but is not available in any menus. The route editor isn't available for spring configuration files containing camel parts etc.


      I do have quite a lot of different packages installed so this could be some kind of conflict. Are there any known problem in this regard? (I know that for some earlier versions of FuseIDE there were incompatibility with Spring tooling for instance)

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          Lars Heinemann Novice

          Could you try to start JBDS with the "-console" parameter? This will start up the equinox console. In that console type "ss" which will show all installed bundles. Then search for the "org.fusesource.ide.camel.editor" bundle's ID. Use that id in the "start [id]" command. It should print out some error if it isn't able to start. Probably it is a message like "could not be started because bundle xyz is not resolved. Then if this is a fuse bundle again please repeat the steps until you see an error which contains no fuse bundle and let me know the exact error. I am sorry, but there is no easier way to track this problem down. Also maybe take a screenshot of the "ss" command showing all the fuse related bundles and their state.




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            Knut-Håvard Aksnes Newbie

            First I ddn't have to start Eclipse in any special way, opening Host OSGI Console inthe Console view does the trick:


            The fusesource bundles are:

            2303    RESOLVEDorg.fusesource.insight.insight-log_1.0.0.redhat-379
            2304    RESOLVEDorg.fusesource.scalate.scalate-util_1.5.3

            2312    INSTALLED   org.fusesource.ide.branding_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2313    INSTALLED   org.fusesource.ide.camel.editor_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2314    INSTALLED   org.fusesource.ide.camel.model_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2315    RESOLVED    org.fusesource.ide.catalogs_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2316    STARTING    org.fusesource.ide.cheatsheets_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2317    ACTIVE      org.fusesource.ide.commons_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2318    ACTIVE      org.fusesource.ide.deployment_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2319    INSTALLED   org.fusesource.ide.fabric_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2320    INSTALLED   org.fusesource.ide.fabric.activemq_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2321    INSTALLED   org.fusesource.ide.fabric.camel_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2322    INSTALLED   org.fusesource.ide.fabric.servicemix_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2323    STARTING    org.fusesource.ide.graph_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2324    RESOLVED    org.fusesource.ide.help_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2325    ACTIVE      org.fusesource.ide.jmx.core_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2326    ACTIVE      org.fusesource.ide.jmx.local_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2327    ACTIVE      org.fusesource.ide.jmx.ui_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2328    ACTIVE      org.fusesource.ide.jvmmonitor.core_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2329    ACTIVE      org.fusesource.ide.jvmmonitor.tools_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2330    ACTIVE      org.fusesource.ide.jvmmonitor.ui_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2331    STARTING    org.fusesource.ide.launcher_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2332    STARTING    org.fusesource.ide.launcher.ui_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2333    RESOLVED    org.fusesource.ide.maven_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2334    STARTING    org.fusesource.ide.preferences_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2335    INSTALLED   org.fusesource.ide.project_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2336    STARTING    org.fusesource.ide.server.fuse.core_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2337    STARTING    org.fusesource.ide.server.fuse.ui_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2338    ACTIVE      org.fusesource.ide.server.karaf.core_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2339    STARTING    org.fusesource.ide.server.karaf.ui_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2340    STARTING    org.fusesource.ide.server.servicemix.core_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2341    STARTING    org.fusesource.ide.server.servicemix.ui_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2342    STARTING    org.fusesource.ide.server.view_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2343    STARTING    org.fusesource.ide.tooling_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2344    INSTALLED   org.fusesource.ide.zk.core_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2345    INSTALLED   org.fusesource.ide.zk.jmx_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final

            2346    INSTALLED   org.fusesource.ide.zk.zookeeper_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final


            The message I get is:


            osgi> start 2313

            gogo: BundleException: The bundle "org.fusesource.ide.camel.editor_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final [2313]" could not be resolved. Reason: Missing Constraint: Require-Bundle: org.fusesource.ide.camel.model; bundle-version="0.0.0"

            osgi> start 2314

            gogo: BundleException: The bundle "org.fusesource.ide.camel.model_7.2.1.v20140613-0455-H79-Final [2314]" could not be resolved. Reason: Package uses conflict: Require-Bundle: io.fabric8.camel-tooling-util; bundle-version="0.0.0", Package uses conflict: Require-Bundle: org.fusesource.scalate.scalate-util; bundle-version="1.5.0"

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              Lars Heinemann Novice

              What happens when you try to start 2304 ?

              And what is the version / state of io.fabric8.camel-tooling-util;?

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                Knut-Håvard Aksnes Newbie

                I did a clean install of JBoss Tools on kepler-SR2 (Java EE) Then adding

                the fuse stuff from JBoss central.

                After that I did create a camel spring project using the camel-spring

                archetype and maven.


                At this point the route editor works.


                Then I added Spring also from JBoss central. At this point both the

                spring configuration editor and the fuse editor works.


                Then adding the JBoss Business Process and Rule Development tooling from

                JBoss central and the spring editor disappears, the fuse editor still works.


                As you suspected STS from eclipse marketplace kills fuse editor, but I

                still doesn't know why. Also interesting is that some part of the

                Business Process and Rule Development tooling kills the Spring

                integration in JBoss Tools, (at least the xml configuration editor).