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    Question regarding Errai Roadmap / CDI 1.1

    Jörn Tysper Newbie

      Hello everybody,


      I have a question regarding the Errai Roadmap.

      For Errai 3.1 it already marks "Upgrade to Weld 2 / CDI 1.1 (minimum requirement)" as "DONE".


      I am a little bit worried about the "minimum requirement" part.

      We are operating an WebSphere Application Server and as of now IBM didn't even announce a Java EE 7 compatible version of their product.


      Does this mean that we won't be able to upgrade to Errai 3.1 for the next months/years?


      We just recently got the Weld dependency out of Errai 2.3 and 3.X and can now use the framework as it was originally intended (we had to use an ugly "Errai @Service" => CDI bridge until now and couldn't use distributed CDI Events).

      It would be really unattractive to have to reintroduce these kinds of hacks again or stay with Errai 3.1 from now.


      Could you please reveal the impact of this new CDI-1.1 requirement?

      Does it only apply to specific "advanced modules" of Errai or is the core bus itself affected?


      Kind Regards