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    rich:popupPanel could not be auto-resized properly in version 4.3.7

    兰浩 兰浩 Newbie

      I have a page with a rich:popupPanel.

      There is a h:selectOneMenu inside the popup panel. When user selects a specific option of that select on menu, some more input fields inside the popup panel will be rendered, and if user select other options, the fields then will be removed.

      Everything works fine in version 4.3.5.

      But after I upgraded Richfaces to 4.3.7, without any change of my codes, problem comes. And if i downgrade to version 4.3.5, everything is OK again.

      The problem is that the height of the popup panel generated by Richfaces is fixed. It seems that the height is computed and fixed at the first time the popup panel is shown, and never changed, no matter new components are rendered and added. This is different from the rich:popupPanel component in version 4.3.5.


      The following is the key codes of the page.


      <rich:popupPanel id="config-dlg" domElementAttachment="form" autosized="#{true}" show="#{true}" top="4">

      <h:selectOneMenu value="#{configDlg.interval}" id="time-interval" required="true"  label="Time interval">

      <f:ajax render="config-schedule" immediate="true" execute="time-interval"/>

      <f:selectItems value="#{configDlg.timeIntervals}"/>




      <h:panelGrid id="config-schedule" columns="2"  columnClasses="left-col, right-col">

      <h:outputLabel id="label-start-time" for="start-time" rendered="#{not empty configDlg.interval}" value="Start time" />

      <h:panelGroup rendered="#{not empty configDlg.interval}">

      <h:inputText id="start-time" value="#{configDlg.startTime}" required="true">

      <f:validateRequired />

      <f:convertDateTime type="date" locale="#{configDlg.dateLocale}" pattern="#{configDlg.localizedTimePattern}" />


      <h:outputText value="(#{configDlg.localizedTimePattern}) " />





      Let me know if you need to see more codes.


      Thanks a lot for any advice.


      Best regards,