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    Executing batch jobs (JSR 352) in a non HA WildFly (full-profile) cluster

    Christian Damsgaard Newbie

      Hi there,


      Let me set the scene:


      • I'm in the process of designing a solution that requires that we use batch jobs using the new JEE 7 batch API.
      • We are planning to have more than one WildFly (full-proflile) server running at any time but not in high availability configuration - simple external load balancing HTTP will do fine here.
      • We are planning to deploy the JAR containing the batch job configuration and the beans to support on all containers.
      • We are planning to configure the change the job-repository to JDBC in a shared database as described here: http://www.mastertheboss.com/wildfly-8/configuring-wildfly-batch-job-repository
      • We are planning to use Quartz Scheduler running in another container to control the execution using a rest-service running on any of the WildFly instances to control the execution.


      In other words - clustered batch execution using WildFly.




      1. Is this a valid configuration?
      2. Is it guaranteed that a job only execute in / on one container?
      3. Can a job be controlled (started / re-started / canceled etc) from any container instance?


      I have thought about creating a proof-of-concept setup with two WildFly containers using this configuration but since this involve multiple JVM / servers running in parallel I won't be able to say anything conclusive in case of a positive result which might just be due to poor luck.


      Please let have your toughest on this subject.


      Best regards