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    Switchyard project - How to create an ODE deployment descriptor in JBDS ?




      In a switchyard project in JBDS I have a composite defining a service implemented as a BPEL. In order to deploy it I need to generate an ODE Deployment Description, as explained by the Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works Development Guide Volume 4 BPEL at the page 9, the §2.3 Providing a Service with the BPEL Component. Using the JBDS wizard (File->New->Others->BPEL 2.0->BPEL Deployment Descriptor) in the Switchyard project will warn that the project is not a BPEL 2.0 project and consequently it will generate an empty deploy.xml file. I tried to add the BPEL 2.0 facet to my switchyard project but, for some reason, this facet doesn't appear in the facets list for a switchyard project, while it appears for a BPLE 2.0 project.


      Finally, it doesn't seem to be possible to generate the ODE Deployment Descriptor for a BPEL in a switchyard project. The ones provided in the quickstart have been obviously created by manually editing XML files, which couldn't be of course an option when seriously considering using this technology. So how is one supposed to deal with that ?


      Many thanks in advance.



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          Hello Nicolas,


          First, thanks for using JBoss products and thanks for using this support forum.  The more users we have, the better our products will be!


          The document you are describing (Fuse Service Works Development Guide) is for the commercial product "Fuse Service Works".  That product is sold with a support entitlement, if you are a licensed user you are allowed to open support tickets for it through the Red Hat portal.  (These support tickets come with SLAs, ways to escalate if you are not happy with the way they are proceeding, phone numbers you can call to get real people, round-the-globe support team, etc.)


          The 'SwitchYard' open source project is the basis for Fuse Service Works, but it is the 'Community' version.  This means that the people working on it are under no obligation to answer questions, fix bugs, etc.  If you choose to join the Community, you can do all these and more!  But nobody has an SLA, or is under any kind of contract.


          So.....  If you have an entitlement, please open a real support ticket and you'll get somebody 'On the hook'.  If not, then please stay and continue to seek an answer for your problem, but you'll have better luck relating to the Community if you cite the 'Community' SwitchYard docs instead of the Commercial Product docs.  The Community doesn't own those. 


          Hope that helps,



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            This is probably not the right place for this issue. So, I'm closing it and re-open it in the switchyard community.