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    JBPM6: Expires At for notification (deadline)

    Denis Liseichykau Newbie

      Hi all, I am newbie in JBPM 6 ,   however I've encountered one problem recently.

      For user task I set deadline, but all expressions in dead lines are not parsed.

      But last week they worked and notifications had been sent.


      This issue appeared after we updated JBPM 6 (updated on 30th of june) and in current snapshot expressions in deadlines are not parsed.


      As for code - I debugged source code and found that object "jbpm.business.calendar" is null (HumanTaskHAndlerHelper -> method protected static List<Deadline> parseDeadlineString)

      78 line - environment.get("jbpm.business.calendar") is null.


      Can I know where I could make mistake or it's some defect in JBPM6 ?

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          Denis Liseichykau Newbie

          Sorry for previous message, I found some issue in our code, but there is another issue I found: it's not allowed to cal functions with parameters in designer in "Expires At" field to set deadline for user task.


          for example: #{someObject.someMethod(parameter)}

          So when brackets appear in expression designer says it's invalid expression, I found workaround: to edit "bpmn2" file manually.


          But is it ok that it's not allowed to call methods with parameters ?