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    custom view of resources

    raylite3 Apprentice

      Hello, is it possible to build a custom view of my resources that displays their availability in a single view ? Will it be a custom portlet and how do I go about creating something like that?


      I realize I can use the mashup to display a page I host somewhere else. Is this the recommended approach?



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          Thomas Segismont Expert

          It could be a custom portlet, but the recommended way is to serve a page:

          • using the RHQ REST API
          • hosted on a different server (could be just a static web server if you use only HTML/JS/CSS)


          Feel free to ask more questions on the forum if you need help with the REST API.




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            jay shaughnessy Expert

            Hi, just out of curiosity, what sort of view are you looking for?  We have availability displayed in lots of places so I was wondering what your desired view would be?  Are you talking about a view that shows the availability history (the chart) for a lot of resources?

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              Stian Lund Expert

              I would love to have this possibility too. At the moment I use the All Groups view to have a quick way of telling status of all resources. I've been thinking of looking at custom portlets but not even sure what I want is possible technically.


              Having the possibility to build a kind of "Boss View" would be great, like choosing what resources to show and having it fill a panel which could then be displayed full-screen on a monitor.

              We have a custom page in Tivoli with icons for services and servers and I'd like something like that to be possible with RHQ as well.


              However RHQ sees resources a bit differently, there is no clear 'hierarchy' for alerts so not sure how you'd make them propagate up through the logical levels.


              I guess Redhat probably has something like it but probably in another product.

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                raylite3 Apprentice

                Right, I am looking for this kind of view of all my resources. I want to provide descriptions, icons, etc., to represent the servers/services.


                So it looks like building a new app using the REST API might be the way to go.

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                  Elias Ross Master

                  I used the RHQ CLI to build static pages. I used the underscore library for JavaScript with HTML templates to do it. http://underscorejs.org/


                  REST is better, of course, if you want to make interactive or real-time pages.