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    The eviction in Infinispan is occurring much before the high water mark

    Suhasan Chirravuri Newbie

      The eviction is occurring much before the high water mark is reached. For e.g. We set the High WaterMark to 5, and enable the file persistence. When we add first and second object to region there is no eviction, when we add the third object the first object get evicted and stored to file. Similarly if we add the 4th object the second object is evicted . Why is the persistence occurring on the third object only when we had set High water mark to 5 ?



      We have an application making use of Infinispan cache. We have made use of programmatic configuration, so the configuration file cant be shared. But we can provide an update on the configurations used.

      The file persistence is configured for the cache.


      org.infinispan.config.Configuration.setEvictionMaxEntries = 5

      org.infinispan.config.Configuration.setExpirationLifespan = 900000

      org.infinispan.config.Configuration.setExpirationMaxIdle = InactiveTime

      org.infinispan.config.CacheLoaderManagerConfig.setPassivation = true

      org.infinispan.config.CacheLoaderManagerConfig.setPreload = false

      org.infinispan.loaders.file.FileCacheStoreConfig.setCacheLoaderClassName = org.infinispan.loaders.file.FileCacheStore

      org.infinispan.loaders.file.FileCacheStoreConfig.setPurgeOnStartup = false


      So we expect the cache to evict the entries when the number of entries reach a value of 5. But the eviction is concurring for a value of 3 itself. This is the issue.