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    JPBM start process instance through form issue (with REST)

    Yasel Cruz Newbie

      I'm having a problem when starting a process instance trough a form using the REST api RuntimeResource service (/process/{processDefId: [_a-zA-Z0-9-:\\.]+}/startform). My issue is that sometimes the process instance that is started shows an status of 'Active' which is fine. However, the instance details panel shows an status of 'Aborted'. I believe these two statuses should be active is everything was properly started. I'm not getting any error messages or exception. The ProcessInstanceLog table shows a column for the status id=3 'Aborted'  but there is no message column and the outcome column is always null. Everything seems to be right, even the process variables in the form get their values set up. Except for this Aborted issue in the instance details panel. This only happens sometimes. There are cases when my project just build and it's started and this issue doesn't ocurred. However I notice that it starts happening when you do modifications to business processes, do saves or undeploy and redeploy. This is a very unreliable behavior. Have anybody experience this or have any feedback?



      KIE Workbench - Webapp 6.1.0.CR1

      Screen Shot - Active-Aborted.png