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    Richfaces 4.3.5 can't override controls of inplaceInput

    Markus Morgenstern Newbie



      I've tried lots of things but i can't get my rich:inplaceInput component to take my custom controls. If showControls is set to true i always get the buttons with the

      checkmark and cancel image.


      I can sucessfully change the styles and position via css (.rf-ii-btn, .rf-ii-btn-pos) but as the button itself is from type image and has an richfaces image linked i can't

      alter it to set an own image.


      I've ended up with this minimal (not) working example.



           <rich:inplaceInput showControls="true" id="inplaceInput">

                <f:facet name="controls">

                     <Button onmousedown="#{rich:component('inplaceInput')}.cancel();">



                     <Buttonon mousedown="#{rich:component('inplaceInput')}.save();">