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    <rich:toggleControl> always submitting

    Martin Höller Newbie



      I want to implement a wizard similar to what's shown on RichFaces showcase for togglePanel. However, I want an abort-button, that I do not want to submit my form (actually I don't care about the values, I just want no validation to happen, as some fields are marked required). I created an <a4j:commandButton> with a <rich:toggleControl> inside:


          <a4j:commandButton immediate="true" execute="@none" value="Cancel" action="#{myBean.someAction()}">
            <rich:toggleControl targetItem="start" event="click" />


      Whenever I click the button, a full (Ajax-)submit of my form occurs, regardless what I set immediate or execute to. Event an <a4j:region> around the button still submits the whole form. It seems <rich:toggleControl> doesn't honor the settings of the surrounding component. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?



      - martin