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    Resource leak in deployed application in Jboss AS 7.1.1.FINAL

    Indranil Majumder Newbie

      The application is working like this(below) with jboss as 7.1.1. in domain mode and 2 slaves and mod_cluster:


      There is a Rest layer which accepts HTTP requests(250 tx/sec), validates them and then puts them in a JMS Pooled, non-transactional, non-persistent, HornetQueue via Spring JMS Template. There are scheduled messages too.

      A pooled MDB(max-client = 3000) is used as a message consumer from which using a ServiceThreadPool[Cached ThreadPoolExecutor(1000, 16000, 30L, SECONDS, SyncQueue)] we submit various types of requests via runnables interfacing with external sockets and HTTP interfaces(3 types).


      The system is expected to have lot of threads running for better performance [Jboss is the only thing running].

      RAM - 8 GB

      CPU - 6

      Open JDK 1.7 (JRE)


      After 20 odd hours of execution (250 tx/sec) when I check the threads using :

      ps -eLf | grep jboss | wc -l

      I see some 30000 threads getting accumulated.


      The problem is at idle state its not freeing up.


      The domain.xml is attached for reference.


      Please let me know the tuning points and/or alternatives.