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    Remote API on named KieSession

    Ahamed M M Newbie

      How to POST the requests to a 'named KieSession' with JBPM 6.0 Remote API?

      org.kie.api.runtime.manager.RuntimeEngine.getKieSession() doesn't take any arguments.

      Does it return only the default KieSession always ?

      Or is there any way to get 'named KieSession' to work with in Remote-API ?

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          you can use named ksession but you'll  need to express that need upon deployment of the kjar. Named ksessions are bit different when you look at them from jbpm point of view than drools point of view. For jbpm it's only ksession definition and not exact ksession instance itself. So when you deploy (using deployments -> new deployment unit) you can specify kbase and ksession by name to be used upon runtime invocation. Then for remote api you need to use deployment id that includes kbase and ksession names.



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            Ahamed M M Newbie

            What I am looking at is a framework/API to remote execute the rules esp. For that we may have to exactly target 'that' ksession.If that is the case this JBPM6.0-Remote-API may not help  ?

            Should I go with drools-camel-server ? I have got a similar recommendation from Mauricio Salatino in stackoverflow.com