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    What is the Difference between Group JVM Configuration and Node JVM Configuration

    Arun Raj Expert

      Hi All,


          In Management Console, I have seen JVM Configuration for Server Group level as well as Server level. Why Do we need that Two specific Configuration ? As I am asking it for curious in the JBoss EAP6.0.


          We are having one jboss instance (6.0) with 5 different groups configured, as well as Configured memory for those group level Servers. Each group having two nodes in that same instance, We didn't configured jvm for Nodes. I am having following question, please clear my thought.


      1 ) Is that a memory problem for my applications ? ( Configuring group level and not configuring at node level )

      2 ) Whether the group level JVM Configuration (Memory) will be shared to those nodes among the groups ?


           It will be replicated for all the nodes created under the group ?